Friday, January 23, 2009

So Funny!

Pam and I have been walking in the mornings (at 5:30 a.m.)for a couple of weeks now. But, Wednesday morning we had a funny thing happen to us that was NOT funny at the time. Like I said we walk early and most people are still in the bed at that time so we never see many people out in fact, we have only encounter 2 people leaving their homes. But Wednesday, we were working on our first lap and we got to the corner of Ash and Plum and this van turned on Ash. So we slowed up and waited -wanted to be sure that they saw us you know that the sun is not up at that time. Well, the van turned on Plum and it was a raggedy van. The interior light was on and someone was in the backseat of the van wearing a toboggan. There was no back bumper on this van and it kinda rattled. Anyways, we make our way around the curve on Ash and by the time we got back in front of Pam's house, here comes the van. It slows down (yes to go around the curve)she and I almost break into a run to get under her carport to get in the house anyways, Pam and I decide that it is not safe to walk. We only made one lap:(

I got home and tell Ronnie about it he says that is strange. I said we have never seen anything like that in her neighborhood. Meanwhile she is telling Scott about it . . . needless to say he has a hayday with it. He said, "Pam it is just the newspaper people" as he laughs. She calls me later and I vision her doubled over laughing to tell me who was in the van. So I call Ronnie to tell him that it was not a boogie man trying to get us that it was JUST the newspaper people. Well, if you know Ronnie you know what he did. He laughed hard than then the e-mails started between him, Pam and Scott.

We have had the biggest laugh about the newspaper van. Ronnie told Scott that you would think that we were house broke w/newspapers the way that we acted. He said that he was going to throw a newspaper at me when he got home. Although he didn't throw a newspaper at me he sure has had fun w/it. I don't know what Pam and I would have done if they had thrown a newspaper out close to us. (I am laughing out loud to myself as I type this)

It is funny now, but at 5:30 it was CREEPY! Now that we know that even the newspaper people run late we won't be scared the next time we see this older model, raggedy van w/no bumper coming our way.