Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Last Class

Clown cupcake
This is for Gage!
Baby Rattler

Ronnie ate this as soon as I got in from class.

Baby Doll Cake

Class was fun last night. Not all the students showed up so we had elbow room to work. She also showed us how to make diaper pins and baby booties.
Kali was so excited this morning when she got up to see the cake that I made at school. You have to image her gasping and saying "she's pretty moma, did you make her for me"!
The cake went to school with Kali this morning. I am sure that the teachers are thrilled about the sugar high that the kids will be on.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

My first time to carve a pumpkin. I enjoyed doing this with the kids. Kali is now big enough to enjoy activities like this. She was so excited to carve the pumpkin.
She couldn't wait for the top to come off and clean out the goooo. She thought it was so funny to get a handful of the seeds and yuck and pull it out and show us what she found inside the pumpkin.
Kids watching the eyes being carved

Gage found his new smile. Think that was his favorite part of the carving process - the mouth coming out. They were excited to see it glowing outside after we finished.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lesson #5

This is a board iced to look like a cake

I think this is my favorite one yet.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Busy Weekend

This past weekend was my family reunion. I let Gage invite someone this year for the first time. He invited his sweetie, Kacy. On Friday night we have a wienie roast and a hayride for the kids.

Kacy and Gage on the hayride

Kali excited about the hayride. She was all bundled up. It was very chilly!

Kali and Daddy getting ready to go to the woods. Daddy took Kali to put out corn for the deer. It was her first time to get to go.

Off to the woods. I'm a big girl now!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lesson #4

I am only a beginner!! I need to take a beginner class again before I venture up to an advanced class. Last night we made a basket of flowers and she shared with us some ideas for Halloween. I will have to try those out on something. Next week sounds really fun. We are going to learn piping and making a clown. I can almost make the icing with my eyes closed. Although my family is really enjoying the icing. Ronnie and Kali stand over me waiting for beaters. Gage says "Mom when you get through can I have a beater"? Ronnie looses out -he just gets a spoon.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lesson #3

Tonight was a relaxing class. We had the cake iced and roses made before we got to class. We practice the drapes and then got to decorate the cake. I am enjoying the class. Ronnie said the cake was good. He cut into it as soon as I got home.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Lesson #2

Well, I said that I had to make a cake for class that had to have smooth icing before class. OK. Here we go, I got the Wilton cake pans. ONE from Linda's and ONE from Wal Mart. Lesson learned - they are not the same even though they are both Wilton. The one from WM is a lighter weight pan. Anyways, I bake my cake, 1/2 the batter in each pan. The WM pan cooks unlevel (YES my oven is level) so I take the cakes out and gently pat them like Linda said to do. Helped some but not enough. When I go to put the cake on the foil covered board, the WM pan cake cracked right down the middle. NO GOOD! So I bake another cake mix - still uneven a little bit, but did not break this time. Thank goodness. I mix up my icing and I am ready to ice it. It went good. It was smoother than I thought I could get it, but not "LINDA'S smooth" anyways I was proud.
Now it is time to leave, go get the other girls that are riding w/me this week and everyone has their own story to tell. Mine of course was about the cake pans. I am anxious to see everyone else's smooth cake. Well I did pretty good. One poor lady had a cake accident on the trip to the class. One side of her cake's icing was now on the cake taker instead.

NOW, it is time to start class. We got at the front of the class so that we could see Linda really good because we knew we were learning how to make flowers. WOW. Some of my "flowers" were quit different looking then any flower you have ever seen. But first we started w/borders. You know the shell, reverse shell (that was the trouble one), flowers and a squiggly border. She said that we had to do 2 different borders on our cake. One at the bottom and a different one at the top. And we would learn how to make sweet peas and roses. Sweet peas are what is on my cake in case you could not tell. She went around the room and helped all of us w/our borders and then our sweet peas. She made a perfect border one on my wax paper, then I made my borders. I asked her if she could tell which one was mine and which one was hers. She said "I better not comment". I guess that meant that she really could tell, she just didn't want to say it out loud. Then she made the sweet pea on my wax paper - I cut that sucker out and brought it home for my sample to practice by. I asked her how long she had been decorating, she said 40 years. My response, well I am not doing too bad 2 lessons to 40 years.
Roses - OH BOY! She makes everything look so easy, but she has been doing this for 40 years.
By this time, our icing is warm because we have been playing with it for 2 hours. The roses would just melt, or not even make. We have to take 13 roses with us next week plus another cake that is iced and smooth.
I am enjoying the classes and I am taking pictures of my progress. Someday I will be as good as Linda and laugh at my photos from these classes.
Ronnie, Gage and Kali enjoyed the cake. I took 1/2 of the cake to the Holt's. We can't eat all of the cakes by ourselves and Brian and India said that they would be glad to be cake inspectors. We will see what they think when they get home tonight. Bennett and Price were impressed. Bennett asked me "who made the icing"? I told him I did. If you know Bennett you can picture this, his eyes got really big and he said "it is really good". He may have been surprised that I could make icing. I don't know. Anyways, 5 votes for me. YEA!