Thursday, February 5, 2009

In full swing

Our life is in full swing (doesn't it stay that way)! School, baseball, dance, work!!

Gage is in full swing of baseball practice with the DirtBags. BOY! those boys on the team look great. I am ready to see them in a game. He still loves to back catch. This year the boys move up to live arm. They are learning how to pitch and doing a great job. Our first tournament is at the end of Feb. It will be cold, but fun!! He loves baseball. He don't care much for other sports, but he lives for baseball.

Kali loves dancing with Mrs. La-lyn (Lauren Richard). She thinks she should go to dancing everyday. I hope she does good in the recital. She is going to be a flower. She will start her routine in a flower pot. She looked so cute in her costume when she tried it on. She has a head piece that is petals I hope she wears it.

Ronnie and I are working and tending to the kids. We carried them bowling Friday night. It was Kali's first time. She had a fun time even though most of the time her ball went in the gutter. When we finally got the ball down the lane and she knocked pins down, she puts her hands in the air and shakes her hips and says "Go Kali Go Kali". She was so funny. Gage did real good bowling. He manged to get some strikes and was proud. Ronnie is the pro. He came in first place every time.

We are taking Gage and his friend, Price to see the monster trucks tomorrow. I have wanted to go for a long time. It always comes around my birthday weekend. Now I have a boy that wanted to go so I get to go. I hope that we have a good time.