Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gage's First Dance

Last night was Gage's first school dance. He did have a date and her name is Courtney. He and his best friend, Price had big plans on how they were arriving at the dance. They wanted Price's grandfather, Bubba, to take them in his 2010 black Camero. He was happy to do it so much so that he carried them cruising first.

Gage, Price, Courtney, Taylor and Bubba
Gage and Bubba

Courtney, Taylor, Price and Gage

Group shot

Gage and Courtney dancing

Gage and Price doing the Cotton Eyed Joe

Don't way this one is out of order - But this is Courtney and Gage before the dance.

Gage and Moma slow dancing!!!
Awwww, how sweet

He had a great time, but was ready to come home and get some sleep!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, life around here has been crazy. Just staying busy with work and family is enough but then we have extra. Gage and Kali both got good reports from their teachers. yea!

We have had to take Kali for allergy testing and boy that was so much fun! ha ha they did 24 on her back and 4 injections to further test the results on her back and then had to draw blood. She was a great big trooper.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kali's First Day of Pre K 3

Okay! I uploaded pictures in the reverse order so these are backwards! Sorry!
Kali was soooo excited this morning. She was asking to go at 7:30! I hope that she has a great day!

Kali talking to her daddy before she went into school

Giving Buddy a bye hug!

Outside before we left for her 1st day

Check Spelling

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kali Fishing

Kali got a treat today! She got to go fishing with her Papaw, Daddy and Buddy!

And she caught the first one of the day! She ended up catching 7 fish! She was so excited, she was up and ready to go this morning at 6 a.m.

Summer Lovin'

Buddy and Papaw riding the tube.
Kali and Papaw riding the tube! No she was scared a bit and YES she even fell off and got back on again. Who would have ever thought that Papaw would be out tubing with the grandkids.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kali's Dance Recital

This is Kali getting her trophy at trophy and treat time - she is showing me what the girl on top of the trophy is doing!

She has on her makeup - now curling the hair!

YEP! you got it - she is the cutest lil' flower you have ever seen!
She took tap and ballet. She did an outstanding job. When they opened the curtains everyone went "ahhhh". The girls were squatted down in the flower pots.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Kali's 1st haircut

Getting her hair cut!!!

1st snip!

Brushing it out. Ronnie told her to look at him and she said "no I have to look down"
Yes I know that it was past time to trim her hair, but I just could not bring myself to cut it. Last night I trim it. She was so excited about getting a haircut. She giggled the whole time. Ronnie took pictures for us. She told me that she need that little chair and a caper thing. I guess she has seen me do it enough times she thought she knew it all.
She was such a big girl.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Update on Gage

He is doing fine. Just has an ugly eye. He could not open it Sunday, but today is better. I carried him to see Dr. Smith this morning and he dilated his eye and did the optimap. Everything is fine and can you believe it, but not even blood shot. He said that the bone took the blow not the eye. He is out of school for the day because they dilated his eye. He is a happy camper.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gage and Baseball

Gage had his first game of the season today with the DirtBags. He and Drew were warming up and Gage didn't have his glove on good yet, but Drew thought he did and threw the ball. The ball hit Gage right above the left eye brow. It looked bad, but it only got worse.

This is the goose egg that came up. This photo was taken after we got home.

OH MY GOSH! My baby's eye. Believe it or not, Gage played with his eye like this. Maybe not quite this big. He played catcher, left field and pitched. I was proud of him being a trooper.

Just another shot of his eye. I can only image what it will look like in the morning. Poor Drew felt so bad. It was an accident. Gage still loves baseball. I told him that he played really good with one eye, so I expect it at least that well or better with 2 good eyes. LOL

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thought you would like to know. . .

You never know who will be a blessing in your life. In February, my cousin, Shannon, who lives in Virginia was in because her mother passed away. While she was in, she came by my shop while I was working on Julie Brooks' mom and sister. Julie has been such a blessing to me and to Shannon. Check out her blog - the Hawkins. I am so thankful to have many friends that are blessings to me. Julie is such a caring, inspirational person and a hoot to be around. Thanks Julie!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Minus 6

Last week I joined Weight Watchers. Ronnie and I doing it together. It has been a funny first week. We laughed together about things from "How MANY points is that" to Ronnie stating he didn't have enough points (p.s. he gets 13 more than I do - that is a whole meal) to Ronnie's steak at Applebees. It was only 4 oz. It would fit in my palm. I have never seen him eat a steak that small. It tasted good. He was satisfied when we left.

Last night was SCALE time. I had set a goal for my first week. I really wanted to lose 5 pounds. I guess I thought I was on the Biggest Loser and could pull big numbers. HA Well I weighed in and I lost 6 pounds. I almost shouted right there in the weigh in room. I know that I can't do that every week, but it sure felt good to loose that amount my first week. Ronnie also lost 6 pounds. I am so proud of us.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jabber Jabber

Can't believe that it is already March.

We had a full month in Feb. My kids are keeping us busy. My mom's sister, Linda, passed away and got to see Shannon, Mike, Kohly and Kessa again.

On to March, Gage is suppose to play baseball this weekend. Our tournaments are gearing up. We are excited. The DirtBags are looking good. I am ready to see what they do in a game.

Kali is just Kali. She is growing up way to fast. She is about to give her daddy a heart attack. Her new thing is, she wants to wear the top part of her swimsuit under her clothes, because she needs a bra. I thought Ronnie was going to die when she told him that.

I will try to blog better than I have been. I have been busy, but nothing to blog about.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In full swing

Our life is in full swing (doesn't it stay that way)! School, baseball, dance, work!!

Gage is in full swing of baseball practice with the DirtBags. BOY! those boys on the team look great. I am ready to see them in a game. He still loves to back catch. This year the boys move up to live arm. They are learning how to pitch and doing a great job. Our first tournament is at the end of Feb. It will be cold, but fun!! He loves baseball. He don't care much for other sports, but he lives for baseball.

Kali loves dancing with Mrs. La-lyn (Lauren Richard). She thinks she should go to dancing everyday. I hope she does good in the recital. She is going to be a flower. She will start her routine in a flower pot. She looked so cute in her costume when she tried it on. She has a head piece that is petals I hope she wears it.

Ronnie and I are working and tending to the kids. We carried them bowling Friday night. It was Kali's first time. She had a fun time even though most of the time her ball went in the gutter. When we finally got the ball down the lane and she knocked pins down, she puts her hands in the air and shakes her hips and says "Go Kali Go Kali". She was so funny. Gage did real good bowling. He manged to get some strikes and was proud. Ronnie is the pro. He came in first place every time.

We are taking Gage and his friend, Price to see the monster trucks tomorrow. I have wanted to go for a long time. It always comes around my birthday weekend. Now I have a boy that wanted to go so I get to go. I hope that we have a good time.

Friday, January 23, 2009

So Funny!

Pam and I have been walking in the mornings (at 5:30 a.m.)for a couple of weeks now. But, Wednesday morning we had a funny thing happen to us that was NOT funny at the time. Like I said we walk early and most people are still in the bed at that time so we never see many people out in fact, we have only encounter 2 people leaving their homes. But Wednesday, we were working on our first lap and we got to the corner of Ash and Plum and this van turned on Ash. So we slowed up and waited -wanted to be sure that they saw us you know that the sun is not up at that time. Well, the van turned on Plum and it was a raggedy van. The interior light was on and someone was in the backseat of the van wearing a toboggan. There was no back bumper on this van and it kinda rattled. Anyways, we make our way around the curve on Ash and by the time we got back in front of Pam's house, here comes the van. It slows down (yes to go around the curve)she and I almost break into a run to get under her carport to get in the house anyways, Pam and I decide that it is not safe to walk. We only made one lap:(

I got home and tell Ronnie about it he says that is strange. I said we have never seen anything like that in her neighborhood. Meanwhile she is telling Scott about it . . . needless to say he has a hayday with it. He said, "Pam it is just the newspaper people" as he laughs. She calls me later and I vision her doubled over laughing to tell me who was in the van. So I call Ronnie to tell him that it was not a boogie man trying to get us that it was JUST the newspaper people. Well, if you know Ronnie you know what he did. He laughed hard than then the e-mails started between him, Pam and Scott.

We have had the biggest laugh about the newspaper van. Ronnie told Scott that you would think that we were house broke w/newspapers the way that we acted. He said that he was going to throw a newspaper at me when he got home. Although he didn't throw a newspaper at me he sure has had fun w/it. I don't know what Pam and I would have done if they had thrown a newspaper out close to us. (I am laughing out loud to myself as I type this)

It is funny now, but at 5:30 it was CREEPY! Now that we know that even the newspaper people run late we won't be scared the next time we see this older model, raggedy van w/no bumper coming our way.