Saturday, November 14, 2009

Gage's First Dance

Last night was Gage's first school dance. He did have a date and her name is Courtney. He and his best friend, Price had big plans on how they were arriving at the dance. They wanted Price's grandfather, Bubba, to take them in his 2010 black Camero. He was happy to do it so much so that he carried them cruising first.

Gage, Price, Courtney, Taylor and Bubba
Gage and Bubba

Courtney, Taylor, Price and Gage

Group shot

Gage and Courtney dancing

Gage and Price doing the Cotton Eyed Joe

Don't way this one is out of order - But this is Courtney and Gage before the dance.

Gage and Moma slow dancing!!!
Awwww, how sweet

He had a great time, but was ready to come home and get some sleep!

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Julie Brooks said...

So I see you stayed longer than 30 min and you did get a dance with your boy! :) So sweet!!